Football Scholarships – 3 Things You Must Have For College Football

College football is one of the most pursued sports in the country. There are literally hundreds of thousands of high school players trying to get there. This is one sport where college recruiting is fierce and the competition is enormous, especially at the DI level. This article will give you 3 major things you will need in order to bypass the competition for one of those roster spots.


You will need to know what your athletic ability in comparison with where you want to play. Make sure you can compete at the level of school you want to go to. Compare your size, strengths, speed and so on when looking at college programs. To be real honest, if you aren’t being courted pretty hard and often, DI may be out of your range. On a positive note though, there are hundreds of DI AA and DII Schools that you may be a perfect fit for. Just be honest with yourself and give yourself every advantage you can.

THING 2 – GRADES ( this is very, very important )

If you really want to set yourself apart from thousands of high school football players, just have superior grades. If your grades are top in your class opportunities will come your way. College coaches love to have exceptional student athletes on their team, because they don’t have to baby sit them and make sure they stay eligible. Look at it this way. If a coach is recruiting 2 football players with the same skill, but, one player is top in his class for academics and the other is only a solid B or C student, which one do you think the coach is going to sign. He and you both know if you flunk classes you DON’T PLAY!!! So do yourself a favor and put yourself in the position to get that scholarship and get your EDUCATION PAID FOR. That is really the whole reason to go to college anyways.


If you have nailed down your grades and ability the only thing left is to get your name out there. You will need to be proactive in getting in contact with the colleges แทงบอลออนไลน์you can and what to play for. The simple fact is, if colleges don’t know about you they can’t sign you. You will need to contact the coaches and get them what they need from you for them to put you on their radar. Ask yourself this question, whose hands do you want to leave your future in? A coaches, who has no vested interest, or yours, it is your life after football, make sure you get what you deserve.